Getting a visa for an ICO or digital token offering

Are you planning to obtain a visa from the Autorité des marchés financiers (AMF) to carry out an Initial Coin Offering (ICO) or a digital token offering and would you like advice on how to carry out this project?

Anne RAOUL-TARDIEU was in charge of setting up the CASP team within the AMF and has several years of experience in capital markets.She now advises issuers wishing to have their digital token offering project approved.

Our firm assists you in all the steps necessary to obtain the visa, from the start of your file to its completion, by preparing documentation adapted to your business model and by advising you throughout the process.

Who can apply for an AMF visa for an ICO?

The visa of the AMF can be requested by any issuer that offers to more than 15O users in France the sale of utility digital tokens. The law defines a utility token as an intangible asset representing, in digital form, one or more rights that can be issued, registered, stored or transferred on a blockchain that identifies its owner. Obtaining a visa from the AMF is optional, however, the issuer not having been approved will be prohibited from certain positive acts of communication to the public. A notification of the white paper describing the offer will become mandatory pursuant to the European MICA regulation.

Services offered for ICOs

Our interventions:

  • Elaboration of the file in order to obtain a visa for the offer of digital tokens
  • Legal advice including legal qualification of activities
  • Contractual engineering related to the file
  • Drafting of procedures related to obtaining the visa, particularly on the AML/CFT aspect
  • Assistance in dealing with the regulator in the process of obtaining a visa